International Dairy Federation (IDF)

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The Dutch Dairy sector is actively involved in IDF, the International Dairy Federation. It is being represented in IDF through the Netherlands National Committee (NNC-IDF), which functions as a local network organization, of which the Dutch Dairy Organization (NZO) is the sole member organization.

Besides, within its network, NNC has a number of associated members, which all have some linkage to the dairy sector, like, NIZO food research, GD, ZuivelNL, WUR (including Dairy Campus), Qlip and NEN. The secretariat of NNC-IDF is based at ZuivelNL.


The focus of NNC/IDF is to support the activities of IDF while serving the interests of the Dutch dairy sector at the international level. NNC-IDF runs a network of around 45 local experts active in the various fields of expertise IDF is focussing on. One of the key assets of IDF is its unique position as a multi-stakeholder organisation, which makes IDF the preferred partner for global IGOs like Codex Alimentarius, OIE and FAO.

In October 2016, NNC-IDF hosted the IDF World Dairy Summit (IDF WDS2016) In Rotterdam. This annual highpoint of the global dairy sector gathered about 1,200 people from all over the world. Not only CEO’s and employees of dairy processing companies, dairy farmers, suppliers and scientists participated, but also stakeholders from outside the global dairy sector. The Summit programme consisted of various sub conferences, covering the wide scope of IDF work. These included Dairy Farming, Dairy Science &Technology, Nutrition & Health, Food Safety Standards, Sustainability, Marketing and Economics. The general theme of IDF WDS2016 was “Dare to dairy”, also connected to the issue of how dairy can contribute in a sustainable way to feeding 9 billion people in the future. 

Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam
This successful event culminated in the jointly signing of the Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam by IDF and FAO. The Declaration is a comprehensive statement on the key contributions and commitments of the dairy sector towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  People are invited to endorse the Declaration and can do so by visiting the website.

Contact details NNC/IDF
Secretariat Netherlands National Committee (NNC)
c/o ZuivelNL
Benoordenhoutseweg 46
Postbox 93453
NL-2509 AL The Hague

Jurgen Jansen, National Secretary
Phone: +31 70 219 1611
Cellphone: +31 6 4680 6825